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Metal Recruiters, a division of National Search Group, Inc., proudly celebrates 31 years of unparalleled service in the metal fabrication industry. Since 1993, Metal Recruiters has been a pivotal force in connecting skilled professionals with leading metal fabrication companies, significantly contributing to the industry’s growth and innovation in the United States.

Over the past three decades, Metal Recruiters has facilitated over 35,000 successful placements, bolstering the success and expansion of metal fabrication companies nationwide. Through its unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and personalized recruitment service, Metal Recruiters has earned the trust and respect of both employers and candidates.

Metal Recruiters has broadened its reach across the entire metal fabrication industry, from precision machining to large-scale metal production. This extensive expertise enables it to connect businesses with the right talent efficiently and effectively.

Reflecting on the notable impact of Metal Recruiters’ placements, Sergio Franco, Vice President at Metal Recruiters, shared significant success stories:

  • Metal Recruiters placed a Chief Operations Officer in a leading metal fabrication firm with multiple locations across several states. This crucial placement led to the implementation of advanced manufacturing processes, resulting in a 20% increase in production efficiency and a 15% reduction in operational costs within the first year. The COO’s leadership was instrumental in the firm’s strategic expansion plans.

  • A Senior Welding Engineer was placed by Metal Recruiters in a company specializing in aerospace components. This engineer’s expertise in advanced welding techniques significantly improved the quality and reliability of the company’s products, leading to a new contract with a major aerospace firm and a 25% increase in annual revenue.

  • Recognizing the need for skilled machinists during a period of rapid growth, Metal Recruiters successfully placed a team of 10 CNC machinists in a high-volume production facility. This timely placement enabled the facility to meet increased production demands, reducing lead times by 30% and enhancing overall production capabilities.

“The current and future state of the metal industry looks positive and strong,” says Sergio Franco, Vice President at Metal Recruiters. “With the large investments in infrastructure, the demand for projects using metal is increasing, and so is the need for skilled labor to complete those projects. However, there needs to be greater investment in our labor force to train the new workforce that will continue and maintain the progress we see now and in the future.”

Through personalized service, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, Metal Recruiters aims to be the top choice in the metal staffing industry, creating mutually beneficial relationships that drive success and growth for all partners involved.

The 31st anniversary of Metal Recruiters is a testament to its commitment to the metal fabrication industry. As it look ahead, it remain dedicated to:

  • Connecting top talent with leading firms across the metal fabrication industry.
  • Providing exceptional service and fostering long-term partnerships.
  • Supporting the continued growth and development of skilled professionals within the metal fabrication community.

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About Metal Recruiters

Metal Recruiters, a division of National Search Group, Inc., is a leading recruitment and staffing agency specializing in connecting skilled professionals with leading firms across the metal fabrication industry. With over 31 years of experience and a national reach, Metal Recruiters is dedicated to fostering long-term partnerships and supporting professional growth within the metal fabrication community.


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